Tina Helen is a Copenhagen based Visual Artist. She holds an MFA in Critical & Pedagogical Studies from Malmö Art Academy (2011-2013) and an MA in Visualization from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design (2000-2006). Her artistic practice proposes a synthesis of the practical and the theoretical in the understanding and production of images. She is engaged with questions of urban politics, power structures – economic, social or psychological, image politics, cognitive capital, self-schooling, refusal, migration, autism, autonomy, collective forms of being, escape and issues of artistic practice and organization. Engaged on a personal and political level, she has worked internationally on numerous projects and collaborations within the field of fine arts and activism. 

For more info contact: tinahelenistaken(a)gmail.com


2011-2013 · MFA, Critical and Pedagogical Studies, Malmo Art Academy
2010-2011 · Visual Culture, University of Copenhagen
2000-2006 · MA, Visual Communication, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design

2018 · Open Studio Visiting Artist Residency Program, Toronto, Canada
2017 · Skaftfell Residency Program, Seydisfjordur, Iceland
2017 · Townhouse Gallery Residency Program, Cairo, Egypt
2016 · Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb Residency Program, Zagreb, Croatia
2015 · Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb Residency Program, Zagreb, Croatia
2014 · W-o-l-k-e Artist-in-Residence Program (with Openhagen), Brussels, Belgium
2014 · Kunsthuis SYB Residency Progam, Beetsterzwaag, The Netherlands
2012 · Monastery San Cataldo, Scala, Italy

2017 · Frisk Flugt klipper i Blød By (Frisk Flugt) - Hospital Prison University Archive, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 · Rebecca’s System - Danske Grafikere, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 · Growing Silent (Frisk Flugt) - New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 · Three Man High (FACTORY WORKERS UNITE) - Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag, The Netherlands
2013 · Happy New Year, Dear - Bureau Publik, Copenhagen, Denmark

2018 · Floating Art - Vejle Museum of Art, Vejle, Denmark
2018 · Birds of passage (FWU) - Skaftfell Center For Visual Art, Seydisfjordur, Iceland
2017 · Manifesto - Minuit Vernissage, Grand Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 · Misguided Fieldworks (FWU) – Skaftfell and Seydisfjordur Information Centre, Seydisfjordur, Iceland
2016 · Crossing the Line - Critical Distance, Toronto, Canada
2016 · Present: Politics - Godsbanen, Aarhus, Denmark
2016 · BARdo - Drkmttr, Nashville Tennessee, USA
2016 · Cheap Art Dealing With Money - Kvit Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 · Because of Winn Dixie - SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 · Vi tager intet ansvar - KW3, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 · Staycation - Staycation, Colorado, USA
2014 · The One Minutes on Tour (FWU) - Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China
2014 · An Exhibition on Withdrawing, Escaping and Dropping Out (Frisk Flugt) - Bureau Publik, Copenhagen, DK
2012 · Liminal State - Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2012 · The 4th Short Video Biennial, Into the Real World - P74 Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2012 · Rebecca’s System - Inter Arts Center, Malmo, Sweden
2012 · MediaMassage - Skaanes Konstforening, Malmo, Sweden
2012 · FOKUS Video Art Festival - Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
2011 · Women Art Revolution! - DocLounge, Malmo, Sweden
2010 · Instructions to the Nation of the Happiest People in the World (Openhagen) - Overgaden, Copenhagen, DK

2017 · Images and Identity - Guest teacher at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA), Copenhagen, DK
2016 · Collectivity as artistic praxis (Frisk Flugt) - Workshop at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, DK
2016 · Slow Under Construction (Frisk Flugt) - Presentation at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, DK
2016 · One Day Residents (FWU) - Workshop at Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
2015 · Hvad er byen lavet af - Huskunstner (Workshop) at The Ecological Production School, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 - xx · Permanent art teacher - Copenhagen International Art School, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 · Happy New Year, Dear - Symposium at Bureau Publik, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 · Autonomy in Crisis (Openhagen) - Workshop at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts , Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 · The Meeting Point of Meaning and Music - Workshop at Maumaus Study Program, Lisbon, Portugal
2011 · The Waiting Panorama (with Soren Thilo Funder) - Workshop at Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2011 · Byen er ikke jeres (Openhagen) – Semester Course at University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, DK
2010 · Utopia - Workshop at SAWA Outreach Program, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

2018 · Urban Undersøgelse (Frisk Flugt) - Published by Hospital Prison University Archive, Copenhagen, Denmark
2018 · Let Them Eat Cake - Contribution to Kulturo Magazine, Copenhagen, Denmark
2018 · Nær Bykritik (Frisk Flugt) - Contribution to Publication by Bypolitisk Organisering, Copenhagen, Denmark
2018 · En bypolitisk elegi (Frisk Flugt) - Contribution to Pist Protta no. 80, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 · Exitstrategier (Frisk Flugt) - Published by OVO Press, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 · Spørgeskema til Kunstnere og Ekskunstnere (Frisk Flugt) - Contribution to Pist Protta no. 78, Copenhagen, DK
2016 · Autonome Zoner (Frisk Flugt) - Contribution to OEI Magazine, Stockholm, Sweden
2015 · Frisk Flugt III, Growing Silent (Frisk Flugt) - Self-published, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 · Frisk Flugt II, Sabotage (Frisk Flugt) - Published by OVO Press, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 · Frisk Flugt I, Escape (Frisk Flugt) – Published with Bureau Public, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 · Happy New Year, Dear - Self-published, Copenhagen, Denmark

2017 · Panelist at ‘Rough Trade’ at SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 · Study Group on Migration at Museum of Contemporary in Roskilde, Denmark
2015 · Art Writing course at Gladiatorskolen, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 · Talk on working conditions at UKK seminar (with Eva La Cour), Overgaden, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 · Talk at ‘Congress of Collectives’ (Openhagen) at Flux Factory, New York, USA
2011 · Video production with inmates and employees at the Danish Prison and Probation Service, Ringe, Denmark
2010 · VisAvis ‘Barbershop’ intervention at the Urban Conflict Area, Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark
2010 · Workshop and decoration of girls’ school with Mini Mobile Circus for Children, Kabul, Afghanistan
2009 · Artwork for the ‘Lily Bitten’ children’s book (with Anne Werner), Copenhagen, Denmark

Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond, Danish Art Council - International Production Grant, Danish Art Council – National Production Grant, The Oticon Foundation, The Danish Arts Agency Work Grant (2011, 2019), Nordea-Fonden, Københavns Kommunes Billedkunstudvalg, Svend Grams mindelegat.

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